Monday, November 8, 2010

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the wrong place

While there well may be a need for another mosque in lower Manhattan, the current proposed location is the wrong place. When the Ground Zero Mosque (GZM) was first announced the sponsors explained it would help heal the wounds of 9/11. Clearly, this is not the case. Several polls have indicated that roughly 65% of the American populace do not support placing a mosque in that location.
Traditionally, Moslems have placed signifiant structures at the site of their victories to illustrate the superiority of Islam to other religions. I have no idea whether this was the true rationale for placing the GZM at the proposed location. But it is clear that those who support the 9/11 attack would view the structure in that manner.
Most of the arguments in support of the GZM are questionable.
1. The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, so the GZM can be whereever sponsors want it. But the issue is not whether what is proposed is legal, but whether it is appropriate.
2. It is not a mosque but a community center. If so, then the first point about the Constitution does not apply.
3. Opposition is nothing but Islamophobia. Opponents are not against all mosques, but having a mosque at that particular location. The accusation of "Islamophobia" is being used to malign anyone opposing anything to do with Moslems. 65% of Amercia is not Islamophobic.
4. The sponsors represent a moderate form of Islam that opposes radical Islamists. Imam Rauf has refused to call Hamas a terrorist organization. A prominent Hamas spokeperson in Gaza has come out in support of the GZM. So far as I know, this support has not been renounced by the project's sponsors.
5. The GZM is not located at Ground Zero. If it is not at Ground Zero itself, it certainly is quite close by. Indeed, the current building was hit by wreckage from one of the planes.
The 9/11 terrorists did so out of some warped conception of what Islam requires. Any mosque should not be so close to where this atrocity occured.

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Michael Moore on Islamic Community Center

Micheal Moore on the Brian Lehrer show (WNYC) on Setember 22, 2010. First ten minutes of the segment.